We’re for having fun while becoming players!

Summer 2021
More Tennis, Less Coronavirus!

High Performance Camps for Competitive Players

This June I am running my High Performance Camps for Competitive Players.  Participants will raise their game; become stronger competitive players; and have fun with the other players.

My High Performance camps are rigorous, focused, and fun, and geared toward strengthening the junior player’s competitive performance and long-term development.   I work the players hard, I have them set goals, and we have a great week of tennis development together.  We cover stroke technique and shot making, footwork, match strategies and mental approaches, point tactics, speed and conditioning, singles and doubles play, serving and returning, and more. Each camp I work with only a small group of players so that I can personally work with each of them.

Three June camps for three levels of players currently competing:

  • June 14-18: Strong High School Varsity Players
  • June 21-25: Match-Tough Competitors
  • June 28-July 2: 8th-10th Grade Competitors (almost sold out!)

Schedule & Pricing

Monday-Friday, 4.5 hours of development each day, 9am-1:30pm. Free drop-off starting at 8:30am. $450. I offer payment plans for families who prefer that convenience.


Harding Park, on Ashbury Ave. in El Cerrito, next to Harding Elementary School. I will provide ice water and light snacks.

Super Fun Kids Summer Camp for Beginners and Newer Players — This July

My Super Fun Kids Summer Camps are focused but fun, we teach excellent mechanics and techniques, and we keep the kids moving.  Youngsters will do a great variety of tennis drills, games and contests, team and individual activities, and daily strength and conditioning work.  We will sometimes take breaks from the tennis to play soccer, Capture-the-Flag, frisbee, and/or other sports on the field next to the tennis courts, and we also will have select board games available during lunch and break times.   We have loaner rackets for those who need one.

Dates & Age Groups:

  • July 5-9: Ages 7-9 Beginners — ranging from new to experienced beginners
  • July 12-16: Ages 10-12 Beginners — ranging from new to experienced beginners
  • July 19-23: Ages 12-14 Beginners — ranging from new to experienced beginners
  • July 26-30: Intermediate Players Ages 11-14 — Not for new players!

Schedule & Pricing

Monday-Friday. Full Day 9am-3pm $475. Half Day 9am-1pm $350.  $50 Sibling discount. Free drop-off starting at 8:30am.  Payment plans available for families who prefer that convenience.


Harding Park, on Ashbury Ave. in El Cerrito, next to Harding Elementary School.


I am fully vaccinated with both my vaccination shots.  We will maintain social distancing, and we will wear masks not at all times when playing but at all times when we are standing near each other, such as when practicing serves and having group discussions.  There will be no sharing of beverages or food between players.

Spots are limited!

I will subsequently send you a registration form, including a detailed memo with guidance regarding food, clothing, appropriate footwear, sunscreen and more.

Health and Safety Guidelines

 Tennis is a great sport and we’re fortunate to be able to play and teach during these coronavirus-limiting times.  During our lessons we maintain social distancing and no physical contact between player and coach, apply hand sanitizer before and after the lesson, and we keep our balls separate from players on the next court.  We adhere to no sharing of rackets, drinks, towels, equipment, and no social congregating outside the courts before or after the lesson.   Do bring your own cold beverage, towel, and sunscreen when you play tennis!

Alexander Winslow, owner, Winslow Tennis Academy; long-time USTPA-certified teaching professional and team coach; member, Wilson Gold Staff Advisory Program; former nationally ranked junior player and starting member, San Jose State University varsity men’s tennis team.

Berkeley- and El Cerrito-based Winslow Tennis Academy is for players of all ages and levels. We have fun while getting after it.  Coach Alexander develops young kids, older kids, beginners, high school varsity and tournament players, and has an active junior development program and junior team.  I also delight in working with adults, whether those learning for the first time, rediscovering their games, playing social doubles, or competing in U.S.T.A. league matches.   I teach excellent mechanics, footwork and shot-making techniques; keep players moving, drilling and having fun; and strengthen players’ quickness and conditioning.  With advanced competitive players, we also work on point tactics, shot selection, match strategies and management, and mental approaches; I help them win more points and become more confident competitors.