Junior Development Program

For Skilled and Competitive Players

Youngsters in my Junior Development Program have had at least three years of sustained play, lessons with a USPTA-certified instructor, and steadily improving skill level. Most, but not all, of these players are interested in competition, participate on my Junior Team, and are on a development path toward becoming successful high school varsity players or more. I typically develop these players during rigorous 1.5-hour clinics, which are scheduled twice/week for Newer Competitive Players and twice/week for Young Tournament Players. In addition, a critically important element of junior tennis development involves competition, so most of these players gain valuable competitive experience by participating in our Friday Junior Team matches against other local junior squads, and/or in officially sanctioned USTA junior tournaments. I’m also available for private lessons.

Cost: $35/clinic

$70/hour for private lessons

Monday 4:30-6:00pm

Junior clinic for strong, intermediate, and newer competitive players.

Tuesday 3:45-5:30pm

Junior clinic for young tournament players

Friday 4:00-6:00pm

Junior team matches in the east bay junior tennis league (EBJTL)

Saturday 9:30-11:00am

Junior clinic for strong intermediate and newer competitive players

Sunday 9:30-11:15am

Junior clinic for young tournament players

Private lessons by arrangement