Adult Clinics and Private Lessons

Most of my adult students choose to take private lessons; we schedule private lessons according to our mutual availability. On Friday mornings I also have a lively, rigorous and popular Adult Clinic for two different levels of players, my “Wimbledon group” and my “French Open group,” with each group meeting on a bi-weekly basis.  The “Wimbledon group” is for advanced players who regularly compete in social doubles and/or USTA league matches; the “French Open” group is for Intermediate players.   On Wednesdays 6-7pm we have a fun class for adult players who are advanced beginners, ie, have had lessons, been developing their games and can rally and play points, and who are working toward becoming intermediate players.


Private lessons with Coach Alexander: $80/hour
Friday Bi-weekly Clinics, 9-10:30am, $40/player

Friday 9:00-10:30am

Bi-weekly clinics for "Wimbledon" Group and "French Open" Group players

Private lessons by arrangement